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"Sad Boi Part II"

Sad boys love depression
I do better when I'm neglected
Too stubborn for most suggestions
Super Sayings, I keep ascending

You and your people
Shaqtin a fool
We are not equal
Rolling with Diesel
I am the man
Clutch with the free throws
Just like Kobe, 5 on my hand
Ain't nothing to see tho
Most think they know me
Saved some folks but I ain't the hero
Alpha ego, they used to call me Zero
I had to show em Russell, they all watched as Triple doubled
I saw my brothers die, used that fuel and kept on running
Always up to something, I was born the King Of Dusty
My Future show up in the weed smoke (SMOKE)
I Sea em Hawking on my main hoe (YOOO)
In the rental it's a Porsche tho (SKRTTT)
Painting pictures on my Van Goh
Nothing was the same yo
I'm still getting change tho
Everybody changed up
Had to learn new combos
3 want Sex he Stone Cold
You don't want this elbow
Looking at the tombstones
Bulking up like Togoro

Line em up like Cudurodys
Women love the sad boy
They just wanna get bank
Treated like a backboard
Treated like their man toy
Grew up in a shark tank
I ain't with no Jabberjaws
Always bone like Skeletor
All my bros like Man-At-Arms

Who could teach a young black man about depression?
They told me we're infected and black just means defected
Hate be so effective but can't break through my defenses
God told me all black kids are perfection

This ain't the right place and time to ask me if I'm circ*mcised
And what new purse to buy
Damn you crazy gemini
World got me blue, since a youth villain mega mind
Richer being Dr. Doom life became electrifying
Searching for the most defiant
Zeke be running over Giants
See what happens when you show em kindness
People double sided
Start shining they finally buy in
Extra for the serious buyers
I don't like ya then of course I'll raise it higher
You pink vagina
Sweet and it's Saturday baby girl just split like Pliers
You don't like to make sense while we steady monetizing
Got it down to a science, sit around and get enlightened
All aligning for Orion
How you settle for a Cayenne?
I close my eyes and get everything imagined
All my dreams had to happen, deja vu reenacting
So I know what to do if you place me in front a camera
Telling Sway I got the answers
Freestyle if I don't have em
It was written, the prophet playing games like Pistons
Promised steady riches, y'all could blame the business if I end up being ignant
Just a sad boy looking proper in a Yankee fitted
About to make a Krillin
That means make a killin
Real ones know I ain't acrylic
Grew up forging pictures
Hitting everything from a distance
But I never did it
Alibis if suspicious
Often fool myself homie
You gon start from scratch when you go so I gotta share the wealth

Who could teach a young villain about depression?
Often I'm never let in my mental's rigged a lethal weapon
Many sides of the 3rd, might be schizophrenic
Move forward I often leg it
Will power Professor Xs
I could help you out if you're feeling desperate
Got a trump card to help me win elections
Call me Megaman cuz I'm well connected
I ain't take an L in this battle network

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