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"The Pharmacist '17"

Look out for coppers in plain clothes
Look out for snakes in fly wardrobe
They wanna build? Keep it foreclosed
I paid the bill I saw 4 Ohs Damn

I hit the lobby with 4 hoes and all of these girls from a porno
Told em no phones and no photos, still
I got the proof and you know I will, show and tell
Bounce that ass back like you Bella Bellz
Talking bout sex cuz I know it sells
Turned to the truth with that ponytail
Yeah damn
Don't have it on me I'll phone it in
Yo bro
If I'm not the man then I'm close to him
Money tree drop like confetti, yeah
Green all around we Namekian
Why don't you share baby Lesbi fair?
She love to fight like a hockey player

I'm good for errybody like vitamins
I learned just first hand what you do to men damn
That pus*y pop like it's Vicodin
Truth or dare baby like venison

My women fall into ecstasy
Pop, pop, pop
What you need? We in the pharmacy
Pop, pop, pop
You suck me right then it's all for free
Poo, pop, pop
Beautiful sounds like the Carnegie
Get that sh*t nasty like Papi taught you
Don't take it personal if papi ain't loyal
Born in that purest (s)oil, get your hands on me you'll slip and fall

Love is my enemy, can't be at war if you're in the same bed as me
Mastering melodies, building my chakra and balancing energies
Most try to get to me damn getting so close to the man they don't wanna see
Heresy tendencies, most of y'all wannabes
I got more heart than y'all and I lack arteries
Run it like Davy Jones, master of wavy poems
Kingdra got wavy flows, we'll never get along
Saul goody still get the call they know I'll get em off
Red top like he makers mark
Bullseye like we throwing darts
This is Isaiah's Arc
3 at a time, ass bouncing like Luna Star

Green all around they like Clovers
Prescribe her my D for hangovers
Bags under eyes filled with boulders
Bet you there's purp in my soda
Po it up, borrowed your bae she a loaner
Most of the time I'm a loner
Was underpaid that sh*t over
Choosing my wage just like the owner

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