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"Hank Moody '18"

Hank Moody

Falling for women that look like Kaleena
Might be a genius but always f*ck up when I think with my p*nis
Might be a cheater but they still love me like Fenty and pizza
Chasing tequila with Mother Theresa’s, goodbye Felicia’s

Who are you loyal to
If I do not spoil you? Haaan?
Yeah we might have great sex
But I do not know you
Don’t think I want to
They still stuck on their ex man
Got Mystique watch em change masks
If we do this girl no take backs
No more break ups I can’t take that

Isaiah Thomas, I love to score
100 women then a hundred more
Clapping cheeks like the backboard~
And 1 what you hacking~ for?
Doing numbers like a mumble rapper
Something, something then we f*cking after
Color blind when it come to freaks
Life’s black and white, need Zazie Beetz
Get it, get it how you live dog
Roll up, roll up then we lift off
Send me essays when p*ssed off
Staring at em like Rick Ross

Curry shimmy, she’ll never block me, if she do hit her friend~ too
Smart and funny, when they see the money
Watch em switch up that’s what friends~ do
Everyday is a test bro, everyday getting stressed out
They be acting like the rest so time to get up out the doghouse~

Pay the uber make her bring it to me
Used to be in Coogie now I stay in Coochie
Need em Bad & Bougie like I’m Hank Moody
Writing scripts, making home movies
I don’t wanna be the best, I’m just tryna see what’s next
Women coming at my neck, women tryna get a check

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