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"Fool's Gold"

50 on the wrist like I'm James boy
Keep a blond snake with me, we all call her Malfoy
She be popping perkys like they Altoids
Doing 130 on the concourse
Poing up some riesling, after 3 glasses in my feelings
Flew back to the city for a real ting
She ain’t hit me back tho
Prolly with her ex, where her back bone?
A girl I used to date died, too scared to see her tombstone
I just got a text prolly fool's gold
I don't trust no one since most the homies moved on
Some Nights I be doing n*gga sh*t like Saint Jhn
Some nights I be stealing errrything like Lupin

I lost stacks on U.Conn
Ice on the body like Dewgong
Papa told me all that sh*t is hot, keep your cool dog
They don’t wanna see you Triumph, just remember U-God
All these rappers hitting women don't turn into Balrog

Cat on the stash
Women love coming for cash
Women love wearing a mask
I hit it once, prolly not texting you back
Cuz that sh*t not gonna last
I put the purple in gold, yeah
Had the blunt looking like Frieza
I don't like running the show, no
But the lights on me like Kuzma
If you're from my city
Money ain't a Biggie
Hustle, hustle dog
Anyone could get it
Motivating like I'm Diddy n*gga
If she with me she ain't singing n*gga
Pop up on ya like I'm Peter Parker
Got em asking yo who this n*gga?
Peace & Love I’m a Buddhist n*gga
But touch the fam? I might lose it n*gga
Mama warned me bout the hoes
They be handing out your codes
Do it right under your nose
So everyone kept on a rope
The 3rd Distortedd
All my eyes open
Everybody moving slow motion
I been thinking that my eyes broken
I see people settle like they scared of something
You ain’t black don't say it n*gga
Why do cops love spraying n*ggas?
Don’t support me? I don't know them n*ggas
Was going thru it like I'm Tobi n*gga
God yelling don't you overdue it
He don’t want me any closer to him
I be thinking how would Kobe do this
People talking I just Kobe through it

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