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"Virgo Cloth"

You see the armor
I’m with a golden girl
She Jessie Rogers
Good with tarot cards
And all of that star stuff
She call us soulmates
But she is a Horcrux

They just here for green like they’re Deku
Like Vegeta forced to go another level
I’m a wanted man, outrunning the devil
I’m a Virgo, that just means I'll never settle

She love blowing smoke and f*ckin with your mind
She love hookah tokes and wasting all your time
Need attention, 20 n*ggas on her line
What’s her price? She’s on IG sending signs

Virgo’s are trouble
Never forget me
Stuck in their memory
We f*ck but ain’t friendly
Kathys', Ashleys', Brittneys’
Gabbys', Livs' and Lizzies'
Women with tatts under titties
Women with piercings in kitties
I don’t reply, when I’m feeling busy
I don’t keep ice, in none of my prezzy’s
I still got love, love for my n*gga Kevin
We are like blood, blood even with tension
3 at a time is a frenzy
Man in the middle like Tenchi
When they on powder they messy
Fighting all over my Nestle
Everyone has an agenda
I just return em to sender
V Vendetta
Always watch out for the set up
The 7th apprentice
Greedy and jealous
Nothings amazing, I’m Dark Magician
Saw how they did it, I do it better
I don’t want credit, groupies or merits
I don’t want friendship, business or pleasure
Can’t keep it separate, I’m with whatever
The way I get women, I’m feeling like Dennis

Flipping the switch
Mastered the glitch
If you want half boy
Follow the rules that I give
I just see black on the list
Cool with burning a bridge
I love robbing the rich
Then giving it back to the kids

I need my name on a gym
Do what I want on a whim
Better than Doffy with strings
Under my wing is a ting
Everyone wanna be king
Small talk is for the Pyms
You see the flick of the wrist
Steph, yeah don’t check for the swish

The role I was given, apart of my mission
Civilian to minion, then henchman to kingpin
I am a Virgo, Saint Saiya the Villain
If she want penance, God made me in his image

I am a wanted man, outrunning the devil
Some call me Iron Man, some call me Genos
Yeah I lost my heart, can't you tell by the metal?
Won’t do love again unless it’s a rental

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