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Issa rap, issa smash
Need some plaques, for the pad
Played your album homie
And that sh*t was trash, ain’t no cap
On her phone, making plans
In a snap, setting traps
I love color, need em black
Issa meal, issa snack

Saint Laurent, crosses on my frames, Polo Pieces
What you want? That sh*t down the block still Uber Eat It
She might get the door in the nude so indecent
You gon get a tip brodie just to keep a secret
What’s her price? Roses and some likes for the night
If she looking different, cut the lights, cut the lights
Wish I had a filter for the hype, still I snipe
Can’t fix your problems with a knife still she try

Luna Star, Sarah Banks or Keisha Grey?
One night in LA, reminiscing August Aimes *R.I.P.*
Pay her rate yeah we don’t go on dates *no we don’t*
Black or white? White or black?
Issa game

Thissa Rollie *tick tock* that’s a foley *tick tick*
Cactus Jack *people's champ* you Jabroni *you Jabroniii*
Take my pic *click click* Flacko Jodie *issa set yeah*
Friends with all these models like Adobe *PS yeah*

Ain't no run around here
Gunna drip or drown yeah
I’m a good guy huh?
Feel like Nudy now yeah

Getting stoned like Randy Moss
Don’t call yourself a boss you got a boss

Issa front, Issa flex
Issa chump, Issa stretch
Don’t do nothing for your city?
Issa bum, Issa mess
Urban Legend, f*ck the credit
Issa alleged, they indebted
They won’t fart if no one there to smell it
That sh*t messy

Where’s the cam? Only real if on the gram
Your homies don’t support you and you still call em your mans?
What’s a classic? That sh*t average, that sh*t gabbage
That’s our girl, she a savage like Rihanna
Or like Shayaa, 21 and from Decatur
Isaiah born a player, easy money you a lay up, I don’t miss
She don’t know me? That’s a lie she on the way up, for the di*k
She want papers and some flavors for the trip, she a trip
Issa 9 don’t be scared I’m made of Iron
My design? Megatron f*ck a prime
Father time, feeling washed
Bought some oysters, Issa watch
So they clock, issa opp
From NY, its f*ck a cop

Thassa cage (clank clank)
Issa chain, Issa slave
Do a dance (do a danceeee)
Entertain (entertainnn)
Prince of Persia stabbin with my blade
No one getting saved
I don’t pray to god I pray to Jay to never change

Did it 2 times
Issa puddle, I'm a Russell
sh*t Why Not?
Match the hustle, triple double
I love trouble, need it free or for the low
Like Nagato I don’t feel pain no more

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