Fist a b*tch lyrics


[Intro] (LXPTGxX69BS420 & LXN Percocet)
Ayo it's Lil Xani Percocet Tha Gawd xX69 Blunt Smoke 420
Cuh- Call me a re-reverse sh*t f-f**kin' call me a reverse sh*t dragon, you know what I'm saying, 'cause I'm eating all that ass
I -I put my motherf**kin' mouth in some as*h**e you know what I'm saying (distressed moan)

[Verse 1] (LXPTGxX69BS420)
I'm about to penetrate that b*t*h with my fist
Closed hand, that's a fist
Put that in some sh*t (sh*t!), sh*thole (*high pitched moan*)
That's where my d**k go, ahh, rah, rah, rah
I'm about to put my fist in a motherf**kin' d**k, ha, ha, ha
I'm about to put my f**kin' fist in a d**khole
I'm about to put my f**kin' fist in a... d**k...
Hole, now it's areola holder
I put my fist in some shuuuuu-ESSKETIT (fo' sho')
I put my fist in anything, I put my fist in anything
I put my fist in my own ass, Rambo
I'm boutta put my put my fist in a d**khole
You already know, that sh*t's fo' sho'
Motherf**kin' fist, you already know
It's goin' so mothеrf**kin' deep (it's gonna make that sh*t blow)
It's goin' so motherf**kin' deep it's like thе Grand Canyon

[Verse 2 Intro] (LXN Percocet)
Yeah Lil Xani Narco man they call me Stephen Paddock 'cause I eat that ass c*ck
Yeah n***a, uhh, REEEEEEEEE
*draws knife*

[Verse 2] (LXN Percocet)
Fist a b*t*h, she screamin', tellin' me to shut up
Quit fistin' her c**t, but I can't
Because my d**k is in my mans, I'm like b*t*h who is your mans
I can't keep it in my pants, but I fisted a b*t*h in France
f**k that b*t*h in the motherf**kin' ass under the motherf**kin' Eiffel Tower n***a
Y'all n***as ain't even sh*t n***a y'all stink, take a shower
What the f**k did you just say to me, n***a I'm gonna f**k your ass so anally
n***a I'll give your ass HIV n***a I got that syphilis and that herpes
n***a I got all the STDs on my d**k n***as ain't gonna do nothin' but suck a d**k
Suck a d**k bust a nut up in the f**kin' butt n***as ain't gonna do sh*t I uppercut
Uppercut that pu**y just like f**k a sl*t, fists in her butt like n***a what
Fisting, fisting, n***a, got my fists in my d**k ring
Call me Mike Tyson 'cause I eat that b*t*h's ass
Yeah, I ain't know what that have to do with him but I eat it fast
And you know that I'm a little sensitive sometimes
So if I c*m all over your face... don't f**kin' talk sh*t or I'm gonna f**kin' stab you

[Verse 3] (Yung PercoXan)
(Tickle that prostate) Hot sauce, 6 million scoville f**kin' up your bist, fist
Yeah, yeah, 'bout to take a sh*t in your fist, yeah, yeah, yeah
After I take a sh*t on your fist, you're gonna fist me then I fist you at the same time
Yeah, yeah, fist myself with a kitten all over my hand, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Fisting a b*t*h with a boxing glove, fist, power drill fist, power drill fist, all of your fist
(d**k everyday) In a chair stool, a cup, up my fist, in your bist, in a wrist
Yeah, yeah, yeah, in your d**khole, up the as*h**e, 'round the ear
Up your mouth, in your nose, f**k it up, 'til it goes, through your brains
f**k, f**k, f**k, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, 'til I p*ss, 'til I p*ss, yeah, yeah (my d**k is blacker than licorice)

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