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"Bars #1"

[Verse 1]

Why you asking me to help you if things that are a piece of cake
I’ve got P to make for Jesus sake
Either way
You’ll need to wait this song
He’s got three Z’s on his head even when he’s awake
So stop being feeble mate
Let me just enjoy my piece of cake on my heated plate
It’s posh songs when the speakers playin’
I’ve got enough P to pay
For two and a half man to live, so I’m feeling Charlie Sheen today
And people hate that I’m saying what I need to say
And doing sh*t that other people ain’t every week or day
Weak and fake is what I think of people say there dreams [?]
I’m chasing mine now watching money elongate
I open up my draw to a cop a decent [?]
You have to walk 500 miles like your Peter Kay
I’m gassed like heated rain
‘Cos your girl just gave me the brain
But I’m so sweet I gave her teeth decay
She sucked my piece again to ease the pain
And he’s insane is what his G’s been saying
Song his name with every word you speak or say
But if you’re saying he’s a waste then I’ll knee your face
3 or 4 times just to ask you how his femur taste
I feel like Harry Potter
But I don’t speak to snakes
f*ck a radiator
I’ve got heat to spray on freezing days
Now I’ve got third degree burns no need to blame
The only time you air man is if his sneakers fake
Get it?
‘Cos I missed the X but I’ve never missed an ex
I’m always drunk there’s no wall I haven’t p*ssed against
Your girls got nothing at the back like a sh*t defence
It’s over if the fist connects
I’ll make your jaw vanish
You can be Japanese or Spanish
I’ll be on the beef like horse radish
Smack you till you saw planets
Knock you out like I'm 4 Xanax
I’ll put you in the dirt, turn you organic
I hate Tories but I like labour
I write stories on some white paper
I love bud but everybody’s got green
I’m the only one with purple
Like Windu with his lightsaber
And if my guy hates ya
Do him a nice favour
And boot you off a skyscraper with my Nike trainer
Because my minds greater
Rhyme now, we rhyme later
Songers the hardest get to know it like an icebreaker
Why you called posh songs if you’re not posh?
‘Cos I don’t do road but I’ve got dosh
I’m small, white, skinny but I’m sick and I keep getting better my immune systems top notch
I’m seeing more digits than a stopwatch
Always chasing numbers like it’s hopscotch
I can spit into a fridge and leave it looking like a hot box
I'm what’s hot, your what’s not
More bands than top knots
And when my thoughts darker
I get high like the floors lava
I bring more laughter than a poor dancer
I ain’t a poor dancer
I hit the floor harder than your father
After 4 glasses or warm lager

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