Dante Bowe


[Intro: Brandon Lake]
Come again, oh

[Verse 1: Brandon Lake]
I tried so hard to see it
Took me so long to believe it
That You'd choose someone like me
To carry Your victory
Perfection could never earn it
You give what we don't deserve and
You take the broken things
And raise them to glory

[Chorus: Brandon Lake]
You are my champion
Giants fall when You stand
Undefeated, every battle, You've won
And I am who You say I am
You crown me with confidence
I am seated in the heavenly place
Undefeated with the One who has conquered it all (Mmm)

[Verse 2: Maryanne J. George, Brandon Lake, Both]
Now I can finally see it
You're teaching me how to receive it
So let all the striving cease (Woah)
This is my victory
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