Dante Bowe


[Intro: Dante Bowe]
We see You on the cross
And You're beautiful, God
The blood speaks a better word, yeah

[Verse 1: Dante Bowe]
The bread, Your body
The wine, Your blood
Sweet communion
You set a table for us
The crucified Jesus
No greater love
Than the bread, Your body
Than the wine, Your blood

[Chorus: Dante Bowe]
Oh-oh, we will remember
Oh-oh, Jesus, our Savior
Oh, just to know You in Your suffering
Just to get me closer than I've ever been
Oh-oh, we will remember
Yes, wе will, yes, we will

[Verse 2: Dante Bowe & Eniola Abioye]
Thе holes in Your hands
And the wounds in Your side
Thirty-nine lashes
Brought me back to life
And before resurrection
There was a grave
In hell, there was a battle
And my life was saved
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