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Black Dresses


I'm bleeding out on my back
Staining  the floor of your bedroom
I'm  laughing because it feels
Like I am finally somewhere that makes sense
I feel so f*cked up
But  I just wanna be f*cked up with you
You  just get it
I'm just so glad we're friends

Sometimes  I just wonder who I am
Sometimes I want to kill who I am
Sometimes I don't want to feel anything at all

I know you're out there, hello, hello?
I'm  sorry I sing my prayer out of tune
I never thought I could go to heaven
Until I died and I met you...
Is the truth just too depressing?
My body hardly knows how to move
Crawling through the dying soil
I think I see one flower bloom

And all those years
Just wanting to run away
I never dared to dream
That I could ever feel safe
If I could tell myself
That I would feel alive again someday
Maybe I'd be okay


[Rook & Devi]
Dead girls dry each other's eyes
And pretend for a while that we're still alive

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