(Can’t) Keep It Together lyrics

Black Dresses

[Verse 1: Devi]
If everything fits into place
Seamlessly pieced together in the most terrible way
I couldn't keep it together
I couldn't make it last
I couldn't prove I was good
I wonder if anybody could
I can't keep it together
Nothing is meant to last for that long
But it doesn't make me feel better
To put it in a stupid song
I wonder if life is all about just falling apart
And painfully becoming something else

[Verse 2: Rook]
Breaking down inside every day
Another day of hoping for something
That I can't say
Love confusion hopelessness pain
Just falling
Through a thousand differеnt lives
Of the same thing

[Bridge: Rook with Devi]
I'm a pеrson inside a person inside a girl
I used to be
A million different things
A million different dreams and hopes
But now I'm nothing
Splintered, fighting for control
Inside a shattered soul
Staring blankly
Frightened and all alone
Still moving forward
Broken down from everything
Did I do the right thing?
I wish I had the strength to be
Everything to everybody
I don't know what I need to be
Hopeless dreaming
Please take care of me
I know there's no more place for me
These ruined lives inside me scream

[Spoken: Rook]
I don't know if peace can really be found in this world
I don't know what the answer is
But every day I still try
Even though I've hurt people that I really really care about
Life, dreams, hope
Where do they come from
And where do they go [?]

[Outro: Devi]
I couldn't keep it together
I couldn't make it last
I couldn't keep it together
But it's not that bad

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