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Norah Jones

"Attack of the Rock People"

I had a dream with you in it last evening
Neon colored bright city mutated buildings
Pink mushroom clouds
You were standing in the center of town on a rock

A rock with blinking yellow eyes
And behind the eyes were rock people
Sorta like Rodin's "Gates of Hell"
And they were grinding, grinding, grinding stone and granite

And their marble limbs slithered silently through veins
But they weren’t evil for the rock people liked having you stand over them
That's why they slithered in freedom
And I was off to one side playing an instrument that looked like a baby

And then we were in a restaurant
And we tried eating lobster
But the waitress refused to serve us
Because we were drinking and playing our baby way too loudly

And then we were playing basketball with the waitress
But purple flesh people on the sidelines kept screaming and foaming
'Cause they didn’t like us dribbling our baby
And then we were running, running, running, running
And neither of us knew why we ran
But we knew why the other ran and simultaneously
Called out "Go! Go! Go! Keep it up! He can't hurt you anymore!
He can't hurt!"

And then you woke up at Singapore
But you called and said "Baby speaks with its hands"
And I said "Fine, but I can't listen to hands"
And then I awoke and I thought of you

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