[Intro: Beama]
Rob 1der man (The underground scientist)
Ya, street ties n***a (Ya)
Back at it with my n***a Loon, know what I'm saying
Matt Blaque, let's get it bro

[Verse 1: Beama]
Masterminding my thoughts, while I puff on this kush
Running all through the trap, like my name Reggie Bush
But ain't no reggie its kush, when I puff on a blunt
Gotta get my work together, its the 1st of the month
And I'm cashing these checks, while I'm off of in the jects
One hand on my bundle, one hand on my tech
Case these boys wanna test, then I'm c*cking it back
Never one for hesitation, look I'm first to react
Now click clack (Click clack)
As a flame go through the barrel
Bullet headed for ya, bout to f**k up your apparel
You see I'm all about that quap, don't ever take it personal
Unless that was your chick that f**ked my n***a in my circle tho'
Lets chill with all that ??? that's just what you was dealt
Just stay about your breed and your cheese, like a patty melt
That's just what you was dealt
But stay about your cheese and breed like a patty melt

[Chorus: Matt Blaque]
No matter what I do, I do it hood like the feds was on me (Like the feds was on me)
Just another young brother out here doin my thing (And I'm doing my thing)
Ima keep it mobbin', mobbin', mobbin', mobbin'
Oooh yea, Oh
Ima keep it mobbin'
Mobbin', mobbin', mobbin', mobbin'
Oooh yea
Ima keep it mobbin'
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