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Offset Jim

"Same sh*t"

DYC, PIA, like a hundred somethin'
DTB, I'm cookin' for that n*gga workin', uh
DTB on the beat, that's bro

We got n*ggas in the feds that want us under
It's like a jungle how I keep from goin' under
Yeah, I like the b*tch but probably never love her
'Cause if I die or go to jail, she'll find another
I'm a dawg on these hoes, I'm just like my brother
Told Trig I want to ball for a hundred summers
Yeah, she used to be a ho but that's my b*tch now
I sip red out the brick, f*ck Cristal
Remember me and T was buyin' double up
Lost it all up on the dice, now I can't bubble up
Call a play, I need a play, my n*ggas here to work
You ain't my friend, you ain't my 'round, you ain't one of us
Know some n*ggas think they tough but they ain't rough as us
Gravediggers, wave splitters, we all workin', bruh
Two straps on me and Mike and we just lurkin'
'Member me and Dime hit licks up out that 'Burban
Had to shake the monkey hoes, said f*ck that circus
Cut them b*tches off, they lost and they was worth it
Ask me how I feel, took nine, b*tch, I feel perfect
Got a chinese K fresh out the service
Think these b*tches wanna f*ck the kid on purpose
He insecure plus he don't score so that's our purpose
I hit her once, I cannot front, I keep her slurpin'
I keep her burpin', if he find out, he gon' hurt her
Man, it feel good to be the man now
Man, it feel good to whip them bands out
Cameras flashin' while we passin', I got fans now
Still the same n*gga, I ain't changin'
They ask me how I feel, I can't explain it
But that money ain't did sh*t but made me dangerous
If you want it, place your order, we'll arrange it
If the money right, we probably can next day

Ask Monte, he gon' say he on that same sh*t
Ask Trig, he gon' say he on that same sh*t
Ask Franklin, he gon' say he on that same sh*t
We be in this b*tch, we on that same sh*t

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