Monday, Tuesday, countin' up the blueface
I just f**ked an Asian b*t*h, we finna make a new race
Wednesday, Thursday, don't care what a bird say (Chirp, chirp)
Gotta keep a pole in case you n***as try to murk me
Friday, Saturday, tell me why they mad, ay
Is it cause I'm too great?, b*t*h you know she call me daddy
Sunday, (Guess what?), I'm gettin' to the money (Racks)
Only want them twenties, and them fifties, and them hundreds

I just checked my phone, it's Wednesday, time to get these bands
Shе say "Why you always strapped?", I say "You don't understand"
I'm on my own, ain't nobody gonna hold my hand
I'm a self-madе legend, swear this sh*t was never planned
I'm in the sand, took a trip out to Dubai
She see when I'm stylin', and she said a n***a too fly
I know, baby you ain't had to tell me
Came in with that gas pack, can you smell me?
Hell no, I don't wanna take a selfie
Unless you thiccer than a snicker and you wealthy
C'mon, baby we could get healthy
Organic sh*t, Whole Foods for the jelly
Lets go, I'm in these streets movin' stealthy
Dirty money, got it, young n***a lookin' filthy
You broke, n***a you can never fail me
This one for my haters wishin' that someone would kill me

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