Ras Kass

"Feed Me"

I’m still hungry
I’m  still hungry
Feed  me more
I’m still hungry
Yeah Yeah

We  in here with whino
BG  Knocc Out in the building
My n***a Black Silver
Check  it

When a house
I’m in silver teslet
A  demanding job
With vagabond a Farakhan
Fast as Amazon DotCom
Change by a corner
In Avalon and Greenleaf
A pimp cuffed up the magic Don Juan
Salvatore Ferragamo split
Poor little f**ker

Never told him I was rigged
I got champagne tastes
With Thunderbird dough
Thecherry Koolaid
With that underworld flow
With the next felony
Dripping with low self-esteem
And we don’t want you hanging around
If you can’t help the team
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