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Ras Kass

"Can you feel it"


Intro talk:
Can I get a soul clap?
Pete Rock soul brother number 1
Soul on Ice number 2

Im mixing mango with vodka in my Nutribullet
Just cuz Trevon couldn't i stay hooded - way hooded
Class of '96 freshman rapper
My lil bro a trapper We consorting with Flappers
'The Great Gatzby' dopest n*gga out if you ask me
Before Chapelle got ripped & Larry was Ashy
I watch hashish turn into dabs
420 friendly; let you burn in the lab
Im so concerned with the pad, pens and Bars
No glamourous sh*t; besides 'Woman of the Year' got a di*k?!
Take money
Gone Baby Gone like a stillborn
Cuz I'm the Future of rap - Nayvadius Wilburn
Let me get to the point, no goal tending
With no f*cks given! cuz I'm a rider I love women
Tryna meet Lana Del Rey & climax inside her
Then Whisper in her ear... "Hail Hydra!"

Chorus: Do you see what I see; do you see what I see, Do you hear what I hear; do you hear what I hear
Hook: Roll a lil' something, pour out some liquor; let it take effect and the results come quicker
The results come quicker
The results come quicker

Too many n*ggas auto-tuning singing the whole verse
Thought that was what the hook was for - y'all need to soul search
Even got on TV wearing his Ho skirt to win
Are you the type to be bisexual just to fit in?!
In The End - I'm 11 on a scale of 1 to 10
I spit - transcending whatever trends
I'm lit - you ain't knowing then n*gga go ask a friend
(It's the task of a match i will strike again)
Right on God, anything less would be uncivilized
You're still a Nazi if you sympathize
The revolution won't be televised just 15 seconds Snapchats
Gats in MCM backpacks
Stack a billion before Netflix & Chillin'
Children of the Corn; watch my porn from the mirrored ceiling
Glass sweat: the ice melt the Jamo and ginger
I creep like a muthaf*cking ninja



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