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"Cass Tech"

[Verse 1]
A stone lady we once knew
On Second Avenue
Loved her children
And taught them to use their hands
She was always dressed in gray
But her insides were bright as day
Any child of hers would understand

[Verse 2]
But the DPS couldn't bother
To save our alma mater
It seems that they were no longer impressed
With her backbone of eight floors
And her heavy wooden doors
Never thought we'd live to see her laid to rest

[Verse 3]
But our lady sure grew older
And she was given the cold shoulder
And was forgotten by the people of her town
She was a gleaming work of art
But her copper veins were pulled apart
And our great lady, she crumbled to the ground

[Verse 4]
And it's hard to understand
How what used to be a wonderland
Could be abandoned and left in such decay
Because somebody wrote a check
To demolish Cass Tech
Ten years short of her hundredth name day

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