Bitter Ft. Yung Bleu lyrics

LPB Poody


Aight I just can’t load it
It just one of them vibes I’m in right now
I kept it real with you
I’m in Miami right now I’m in Miami
I’m sick as a b*t*h but that don’t mean nothing I can still pour my heart out
Keep it real
Ima just talk my sh*t on it

I say do you need my pair of eyes to see what I see
Them n***a left my ass behind they rather move without me
Your plate was full but you took some behind my back when I eat
Behind your actions that mean to stay on the drop when I sneak
You live with it you die by the gun so I keep it in reach
Ain’t no n***a takin mine so if you reach you get teach
Been broken hearted for weeks you can hear it when I speak
Id rather not get in my feelings but I’m feeling this beat and I been looking for love like where you at can we meet
Only the strong survive cause they say love for the weak and I could never keep a girl I don’t know if it’s them or it’s me
I’m tired of doing the same thing it’s like my life on repeat
But It’s ok I got Anyla and I know she got me
I just like seeing you smile and your pretty little feet
I ain’t kissed you in forever you been missing for weeks
They say karma is a b*t*h and you gonna sow what you reap
I wish I could tell you about your daddy but you won’t understand he your granddaddy son that mean pop raised a man
I know I can’t do it all but Imma do what I can and even though we separated it wasn’t apart of the plan
Won’t even ask for another dj Khalid you the best
I’m free styling no pen and pad to get this sh*t off my chest
Lettin this storm fly pass I know this sh*t just a test
I’m dropping tears in the booth I know this carpet getting wet
I just want some respect I feel like I ain’t blessed
Calculating every step ain’t playing checkers but chess
Better take cover I’m about to blow and they know that I’m next
I ain’t showin no more love so I’m giving them less

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