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Let me brush my shoulders off
I do get the best price from the plugs cause I know em all...

Getting the bag is a must
I get it poppin' like pus
Old n***as need to adjust
My cup jigglypuff
Now that I'm up everybody wannabe friends now
I don't want to talk you can talk to my PayPal
You is my son I inveneted you yeah
Order that pack off the menu yeah
Rock Vlone but I'm not friend of you yeah
So many bands I need tentacles yeah
I got dough…
I play w/ the dough…
CDG play not play clothes…
Raf Simons Osweagos
All my sh*t Fuego
I’m counting dinero
Shorty give me top like Sombbreo
On my d**k dame beso
I got gas like Valero
Saucing extra queso

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