Hold You Tight

Benjamin Amaru

[Verse 1]
Over seven billion smiles
And I think yours is my favourite
Even if the sun don’t shine
You will light up my day babe
Over fourteen billion eyes
But darlin' yours are my favourite
Green grass, blue skies
But girl your eyes they drive me crazy

I wanna see the dress that you wear when you go out
Hear your voice when you open that door now
And just hold you tight
I wanna stand in the rain want to kiss you while we’re dancing
Put my hands on your cheek when you laugh
And just hold you tight

[Verse 2]
Over seven billion fires
But only yours is really burning
They say fire burns the flesh
If that was true then I will perish
Over seven billion hearts
But they belong to someone else’s
Only one heart of mine
Baby just take it, you can have it

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