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"Nico freestyle"

I told you that i’d come thru and worth the wait it was

Shoulda known i wouldn’t undo all these made up promises

But this ain’t the story of j far from it but hey

Buckle up and take a seat-a this the tale of nicolita


Now really this ain’t someone that I’d say I knew forever

I mean closest that we got was double classes sat together

But even then i’d say we didn’t know each other whatsoever

Now I say I’m happy that we both took on a new endeavour

(yeah that’s clever)

Ever since the talking started i notice something so obvious

Like the conversation that turned us oh so insomnious

4am and i’m speaking on my problems and she the audience

But i’m glad that she checked me cuz my choices weren’t the godliest

I had to realizeee the black felineee was the sign of my incompetence

And she had the confidence to break it that it wasn’t an accomplishment

Keepin’ it real she told me how to really feel

Helped me say f*ck that relationship and seal the deal

Now that that’s beyond me and i’m passed the whole reveal

I’m on to better things and a new heart that i’m tryna steal

I mean i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again

In the end i’m tryna be more than just friends

I mean the truth is i really see her as a ten

But even if it doesn’t happen in the end then i’m content

Cuz really i’d say she’s a hell of a woman

Lookin’ at her thinking wow look at the work that she put in

Running’ work serving creme de glacé parfait ou sorbet

Doin’ things her own way and what an image she portrays


Everything from her style to her bright shinin smile

Invisalign may make sure that they stay in line and file——

But the truth is even without it

She know that she hella fine and i’d make her mine don’t doubt it

Dancing is the lifestyle

Constantly branching out and finding sublime styles

You know the way that she’s always improving is my style

I mean i can tell that how she’s thinking is worthwhile

Runnin neon green shirts three stripes run all along em

You know that she lookin good and she know that ain’t a problem

The fits be poppin off like the tags that are cut off em

Three stripes checks or the tommy’s i know that she just bought some

Yellow shirt it may look big look like it’s made for billie eilish

But somehow man she pulls it off and got it looking stylish

What can i say she got style and it’s really so drippy

Good fits and good looks it’s just a part of strippy nicky


Now maybe i’ve said way too much and issa ramble

Maybe with some of these lyrics i’m taking a gamble

But i’m not gonna scramble or be looking to cancel

I said the pen game was good now the lyrics up to you to dismantle

Different part of myself you know i had to channel

Jj the new drizzy goin off while wearing his apparel

And lil nico goin off with the dances i’ve seen a sample

I’ve seen some dancers in the past but her skills are too substantial


I need to pop off on a beat my 50 bars about one girl are feeling too neat

I hope i’ve got my point across and i can’t be discreet

All these tricks out there and i’d say she’s the treat

So thank you nico been a while can’t wait till we meet

But as far as my lyrics go i think my missions complete

You took a seat

And you listened to me

This was my story and last thing i’ll say and have to repeat

Is that i think that you too good and you really f*cking sweet



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