"Daily Duppy"

Yeah, JAY1, JAY1
Ah, look

f**k it up, and then I hit the booth
JAY1, it's never number 2
All my jiggas, yeah, we stay winning
If you know my team, you know we never lose
Everybody loves to ride the passa
Got my puffer like I'm Michael Dapaah
Came thru' with like 5 girls and like 4 guys
And we done a mazza
Like, how you gonna talk 'bout L
When I bucked your girl and she gave man uck

And how your gonna shop in JD with your best friend
When you owe man bucks

And if you feel clout in the air
Just take a deep look, man, its probably us
Man stepped in clean with his squad
Now your BM's looking all sprung
And I just got a call from the plug
And he told me, "Jayson, let's make some gwop"
And he banged like 6.5 in a HS Square
Now your girls in love
Like how your gonna talk about crud
When you touch your crib, you pause your bud
And how your gonna talk about dank
When your loud pack looking like dust
Bro bro brought me to a motive
Two brownings called Abi and Becky
And the chemistry went so lovely
You would've thought we were Xavi and Messi

But the girl come looking like Squidward
So I told her to bring her bestie
And I can't do much with my right hand
So I have to dirt on my lefty
And I can't get caught by the jakes
So I told D9, "Turn left on the junction"
And I just bunned 3.5 of the bouncy bud
Now my head can't function
Like how your gonna talk about L
When I bucked your girl and she gave man uckers
And my G came home last week
So I ain't even got to say, "Free my bruddahs"
I ain't gonna say that sh*t no more
The plug just banged like two on the HS square
That's 100 scores
And everybody wants to do ganging with the mandem
Tryna break down doors
And I know that I'm clapped and I took your girl
But trust me it ain't my fault
It must have been all this sauce
I stepped in clean on the pitch with Camz
Just looking like Giggs and Beckham
I got two tings from Peckham
One of them looks like Ling from Tekken
Like, you was out there in the party screaming
Are you gonna back your bredrin?
But if gang pulled up with that shh
Are you gonna run when you see that shh?
Like, and dem boy dere there just looking like Bad B's
Bro bro come thru' with the Chunkz
Now everybody's calling him Asnee

Gyal with the big back intelligent
With me, she ain't doing up Snappy
JAY1 come thru' in that spotlight
Now every gyal is calling me a hot spice
Bad B from Cov warn' party
I said no, now she's telling me I'm not nice
Now my n***as from ends just changed up
Used to wear Nike, now they're doing up Off-White

And the pack of the amm just burnt me
Took two bun, it just made man cough twice
Now I'm bar where the food come lovely
On sight if he ever try bump me
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