Novi Novak
Black & Yellow
I'm so high
I might kick you in the head on accident man
You know the
The microphone smell like weed right
That's okay though, Swag City
Novi Nove
I'm here now b*t*h
Who you f**king with
Cause I know it ain't me
Okay, okay okay okay

[Verse: Novi Novak]
Beat it up speed it up in a six seater truck
All game no luck one woman no sl*t I stuck
Your insides sweeter than a tricker treater's guts
Then she knows where I'm at
I'm in the booth chilling
Trying to make the whole world mine you looking at a super villain
In the club it's real n'
With the champagne shootin stupid spilling
Trying to get that what the f**k happened last night feeling
And that's real to the tenth power
Smoking on that Steve Harvey getting Mr. Hightower-ed
Yeah, I smoke to flow, yeah, yeah
I got that smokey flow
Yes you can get in the car it's gon' be smokey though
I burn money on trees call it smokey dough
Burning every tree I see
Don't tell Smokey though
Cause only I can commit forest fires
From writing with tightness
Like my hands got arthritis
Wait a second
Here the right switch
Flight attendant
Will you light this
Simmer down cause the big blunt make a simmer sound
In the car with the low light lights dimmered down
Spit flow on the mic till the mic might drown
From the flow of the write to the write of the sound
I got this
You know I got this I don't get off topic so
Welcome to the brain I'm the pilot of insane
And I'm bout to hit your city like Bin Laden is on the plane, hold Up)
I'm the sh*t so show nuff
I am the show
Why did other rappers show up
I mean, I think they know they doomed
Cause I'm just heating up like a junkie on the spoon
She wanna f**k but I still gotta force it in
She heal up then she come ride the horse again
The track crack like, floor verse Porcelain
Porsche I'm In baby red like abortion skin
I'm on the come up they don't like how that sound
But I been killing rappers
Why you think they underground
Kids about to have posters torn down
Replaced by pictures of Em with me sneaking up in the background
Restart, Reboot, Sharper than a shark tooth
Spit flame, Spark Puke, Great White part two
It's not difficult
Trust me it's easy
Girls blow
Why you think they called breezies
Back stage Tom Petty-ing that super mary
Girls outside the door like secretary
I heard em utter my name talking so dairy
Say he extra cold like the 29th of February
It never vary
Extra long no leap year
Know I got beauty with me probably cause the beast here
Snitches know I wouldn't snitch I'd rather need air
Wouldn't cry wolf even during a sheep scare
Why you f**king with me man
Its just absurd to see you ain't heard the word'd be
The ones that's talking the most certainly ain't never said a word to me
And inside like Burglary
I tell myself to kill everything
Like 1942 Germany

Uh huh, who you f**king with
Who you f**king with
Uh huh, who you f**king with
Swag city b*t*h thats who you f**king with
Uh huh, that's who you f**king with

[Outro: Novi Novak]
You don't like me got a problem we'll see okay lets go I got it, go
Run, run go tell your mammy
I'm mean on the mic like Kanye at the Grammys
I gotta sell, listen understand me
Everything in bar code go ahead and scan me
Is the beat dead yet