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"Google Translate Sings: Love Letter"

[Not The Same]
Make Sleep and Sleep, but sleep. Bacteria pockets still warm
In fact , there was very much his anger, and the desire to borrow, but fortune makes
We like sheep. We have never said anything. You can ask if you want to know more . Excellent skirt, Sandy beaches. Absolutely , but you go away

[Last First Love]
I like the first . We have a mistake! I know who I am. If I agree that, it will be terrible. I must be the writer of revelation. This is a famous composer. It will be property. I want to go to the night. North and South

Despite our bumblebees. When is there a day today?
Bok, karma, karma
But this is the time
We made a bush
Wow, breathe
And just give up

Wow. I'll shoot you and I'll leave you. On a horse , the day the word will end. And now , we know the truth. You're a girl who likes to swim. I do not ask when you use it to regulate it. So if you want to add a dish. What am I doing?

Hairy hair, but look at my face. Trip for a long time. I did not take our house, but I am confident that I am not alone. I want to do it. But you do not want to go, so I go. I do not know

The boys, I came back. But it is always at the end of the trail. It is far from his wand. House with lots of children. The ipad, but his voice fell. Referred to radish. Listen , Paul Galliano. At the age of sixty-four , I understand fear. I'm afraid. Courage. Theft. It is powerful me to communicate with oblique parties. Do not worry, do not worry. How could you do that?

[Love Letter]
I am very sorry. I have my health until you feel sixty. I will only sing quietly. I am pleased

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