Mini Van Dan (Remix)
[Verse 1: A$ton Matthews]
Still ridin’ with them Damus, it's known to let them hammers pop
Hoes with the powder tops, imported straight from Camelot
Hannah Montana got grams in the sock, Brick Flair when I pack on the block
The hood know me as Mac Eleven, I pray to god, but I clap ya reverend
Known to gangs, til my noose hang low, two twins, two to tango
Y’all n***as know who to aim for, y’all ain’t moving, y’all ain’t shooting
Choppin’ Os, its brickonomics, settin' picks to pick the pockets
Give & goes, then get the profit
Got the Lohan for the low end
Nose stand that whole xan, out the closed stand
This a choke slam, but to Roseanne, with no hands
Masked up like Mick Foley
Seen a hoe, give em clips, left that bitch holy (holey)
Or end in the cell all I got in this world, is my word and my balls
Work and a scale, bitches that twerk for the sales
Birds that work, that work for the heir
Stoop kid's afraid to leave the stoop
Or you could bet I serve that work in the mail, get murked for the pale
Know some hard-hitters if you sniff coke
Vitaly Klitschko, ya nose get a fist full
Brick Flair, semi auti schizo, Live city clip show
Plankin in ya bitch throat...pussy

[Hook: A$ton Matthews]
Buy and selling bitches on Ebay
All my bodies underneath the 91 freeway
Catch me in the overpass, mankind mask, title belt and a brief case
[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
Smokin' on some shit that got a n***a brain hula hoopin, super troopin'
Parachuting pills in your bitch duke chute and
Roof Roof, and doggy stylin hoes, got her “OOO-OOO”-ing
And whatchu doin'? Not getting money dog you poo-pooing
Gangbang train, on that hoe, n***a CHOO CHOO-ing
And she choosin nuru, crazy psycho coo coo
And who doin' lines same size as Whitney Huston
You losin, fuckin with them losers, you not movin'
22 bullets for arteries if your movin'
Slide arm (?) band, choppers shootin'
Cops recruiting n***as snitching, now they missing
You doin' molly in the hood, smoking cookies til I'm loopy stupid
Bruiser movement, show you students how to do it
I was on the block, with more rocks then archeologists
Colorado, fuckin' with models, crushing up 8 balls
Hate y’all, got some bullets to eat your face off
Your bitch said she want the dick, told her wait ya bitch, nah
All I really know is that ya n***as better duck, scram
When I'm in the van I go BUCK BUCK, BUCK


[Verse 3: A$AP Nast]
This a cold flow, I’m a cold soul
Rhyming is beneficial now, still Im cold bro (x2)
I bought some Raf yesterday, with these hoes doe
Picked me up from Barney’s after that, In a 4 door
Ran into some fans, they was tryna get a photo
Took a couple pictures, they say Nast be fucking witcha
You the coldest out, ain't nobody fucking witcha
Rest in peace them other rappers, dawg your flow is off the richter
And if lords don’t ever worry, you the one that paint the picture
So ignore these faggot actors with the nerve to try and diss you
We was on the net, seen they took them shots and watch the mission (watch them miss you)
Cold pictures painted, son a young Picasso watch em get it
I'm from a cold place, where when its roughened up, we bundle up
Sport the finest 40 belows, like it’s the 90s son
Grimy whatchu know bout shootin' dice up in them alleys, huh
Yach the 40, fly as a kite, no one is high as son

[Verse 4: Juice of Flatbush Zombies]
Hardy hardy I'm Mick Jagger with a 40 40
And pour this, two 40 OZs and a Raw, bitch
Im off the rocker, four tabs and some henny vodka
Trippy shit, roll fats like Missy, thick
Momma stop 'em, they know Im coming with full remorse
Higher fists, walk the hood with an iron grip
I ain't rich, I still hustle, I ain't shit, I admit
I'm Trap Jesus, ever since a fetus I've been the meanest
Feedin' the feinds and fucking the meanest
Hidden (?) with colored features, probably ahead of our time, a prophecy
My n***as will die for me, rugged in duckets on the corner, like fuck it
Smoking that loud, whatchu gonna do when a hoe come through with her crew, like (gunshot)
A dusty shovel, machete covered in blood of rebels
From ghetto to ghetto, the metal rattles and settles vendettas
You tattle tettles get smothered in shots
No matter the weather, in front of the block

[Verse 5: Meech of Flatbush Zombies]
If life was a game of dice, I'm rolling yahtzee style
Throw ya lovin' up, you could come nazi style
Cannons flash in ya face, paparazzi style
Fast bitch, call her busy (Bizzy) because she only bone thugs
44 magnum, stay equipped with chrome cuz
Headshot, splatter em, leave his thoughts on the rug
Feds got the phone tapped, got us quick to shoot a bug
Pump shotty, twist a n***a body oragami
My 9 speak, wet your whole shit like bukkaki
Im kinda edgy, so don't fucking tempt me
You know a Jamaican n***a love to use the machete(Bloodclot Boi)
I gave my bitch some acid, now her mind doing backflips
Head right, pussy tight like Ultimate Warrior tassels
Trigger finger delete you, you are not equal
Sayonara, bon voyage, hasta lavista