Thank You
[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Woo! Welcome to the bank
Where you deposit Young Money
And, and you get Cash Money
I'm Tunechi the boss
And live from the vault, is Bus-a-Bus

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo
Swag mania, pop that goes most, carry the most
Beautiful bitches with us happily toast
Keep the faculty close, gross when we give them a dose
Got them OD-ing, leaning in each Coast
Scenery froze, take notes, rock Rolls, diamonds that fit us
Chanel minks in the winter, who fucking with us?
We coming to give them the shivers, watery flows spilling like rivers
Flooding the street, hoping n***as swimming is moving gorillas
King Kongs, Godzillas when we roll up
Seat filling n***as, get up when we show up

[Verse 2: Q-Tip]
Uhh, shit
Please don't throw up, hold your liquor, grow up
If you robbing n***as, we gon' show you how to blow up
Thank your lucky stars it's the Rap Czar, tuck your shit in
My n***as bite like Rin Tin Tin, my chagrin
You never win, model thin, walking crack in your shin
She gives in every time that I spin
Square up, bow down to the kings of the hall
We wade on, talk shit while we ball so what's cracking with y'all?
[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes]
Native New Yorker, the slick talker keeps it in order
Call the reporter, stepping like British walkers
Legendary swag flu and see the influence, just see how we do it
Get them into it steadily, God I'm stupid, so undisputed
Act fool, back tool until they pop off
Police crowd up the street, blocking them off, locking them off
Got these n***as wilding while I signal my soldiers
Bossing it up, maintaining composure, stand on the sofa
Thirty bottles, twenty waitresses, bring them over
See how we light up shit, n***a, call the promoter
And tell that n***a bring the bag, better hurry up with it
And count the money up proper, cause you can get it!

[Hook: Alicia Myers & Kanye West]
I want to thank You, Heavenly Father
Yeah, it feel good, don't it? Uhh
For shining Your light on me
It feel good, don't it? Uhh
I want to thank You, Heavenly Father
Ay, I want to let y'all know
Ay, ay, I want to let y'all know, this Yeezy
For shining Your light on me
And you listening to Q-Tip

[Verse 4: Q-Tip]
Settle up, stiletto up, saddle up and let's go
Good times, only difference, n***as making it though
Chatter is up, peep the way we batter it up
On top of the mountain, folding the ladder up
You dead and done, rip up your paper 'cause your status is none
Transfixed on the strengths of the page, whether chopper or gauge
You're just a single cause you wouldn't engage
Turnt up with the script on the cup, you keep the goblets with us
[Verse 5: Busta Rhymes]
See how we push sometimes a man fi get kuff?
Beat him in the head, boop-be-de-de-boff, zippity-boof
Beat him in the head again, "Stop killing me, wolf"
Whop, beat a n***a till he drop, piggity-poof
Ock see him, he puss, he don't want no problem with n***as
Fuck it, let's get to drinking, poison our livers
Dammit we sinners, when me and Abstract together, see we deliver
She got me touching it, fucking on all my fingers
Dammit we winners, pillar of this rap shit, homie they know
Kill everything until it's time for me to go
That's when I bomb it with a blow and then I black and get a little bit dummy
The microphone is bleeding, you should take it from me

[Verse 6: Q-Tip]
Incredibly we do it and it resonates the music, iTune it, YouTube it
It could never ever be refuted
It's gnarly for n***as and naughty for ninas, bitches and ballerinas
Ballers and in-betweeners, blatant nonbelievers and overachievers
Kicking it in Pele Adidas, drink Alizé liters
All of you must reconcile a leader
She's begging to eat us and her man's attitude defeat us
But never a scandal because me and Bus, we're prone to handle
We're gentlemen

[Verse 7: Busta Rhymes]
Not to mention, we're veterans, second, he need some medicine
Before I black as he get off my premises
Better fly, you pelican, idiot ass n***as but then again
You need a suit for your funeral measurements
See me doing it effortless, it's never getting no better than this
Giving your shit to convince a better preference
Watch me turn them to skeletons, see how I come and bring out the betterness?
Time is with it, I rep the foreverness
Flying United Emirates, sized private plane, that kind of etiquette
Purchasing diamonds, handle them delicate
Now you need you a better ref
You could peep us regulating, see we all in this bitch like we ain't never left
[Hook: Alicia Myers]
I want to thank You, Heavenly Father
For shining Your light on me
I want to thank You, Heavenly Father
For shining Your light on me
I know it couldn't have happened without You
Ooh-ooh, without You
Ooohh, without You
Ooohh, without You