Vol. 3 Freestyle, Part 2
[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Since when been paid, since like 10th grade
Been had Prada on me, been had flip braids
N***as know how I get it man, box cutter, swish blade
Hit a n***a in the jaw man
Never gave a fuck about what a bitch say
Been paid, everyday
Hip swinging, bitch swinging
Candy paint, switch lanes
Bitch think, ain't motherfucking shit changed
A n***a bitch know my nickname
Call me "papi, Flacko Joyde," all this shit -

[Interlude: Rocky]
That shit short, we might have to pick a different beat huh?
Yo Addie, you got some shit on your phone?

[Verse 2: Maxo Kream]
Pull up with that burner like I'm Wiz Khalifa
Pounds of the gas, yeah I get 'em cheaper
Pull up with that Drake, like I'm Nicki, Wheezy
I sip that codeine, yeah, maxo kinda sleepy
Yeah your girlfriend yeah she chew me like she teethin'
Bathing Ape motherfucker we be beastin'
I'm from the swat n***a yeah I'm from that Houston
Screwhead, bitch this is Scewston
[Verse 3: Lil Flip]
H-town, moving bricks on the greyhound
Stay high, my wrist kinda rocky like A$AP
Like P-Diddy say, fake n***as take that
Can't no major label ever pimp me
I smoke some bitch that's for Pimp-C
Free the clover G's til the day I die
N***a the paint job wet so we call it fried

[Verse 4: A$AP Rocky]
Call her fried, you a small fry
I'm a taller guy, supersized
You could never scrutinize
Guns come two for five
N***as never want it, choose your life, choose to die
I decide, I prophesize, then I just slide
I Get it put the clip in click, click it's homicide
Put two and two together
Can you add, subtract, or divide?
How could you count, could you count the amount that I put on the side

[A$AP Rocky]
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
Don't film...