A$AP Worldwide Cypher
[Intro: ASAP Rocky]
Yo, ASAP here
We 'bout to kill a fucking game
You know who the fuck we are
You know my motherfucking name
I fucked your dame
And she bought me a chain
And a range
And a pinky ring, bling, bling
And all my n***as here, they about to kill this shit
What you say Nast?

[Verse 1: ASAP Nast]
Hold up dog, Nast in this bitch again
Sipping Hen, staring at that white girl from Michigan
She was with a friend, fat ass fly ho
I went in for the kill, ASAP, pronto
So wait boo, 'fore we hit your condo
Got another friend with me named Whitney from Chicago
Whitney love ta model? I'm thinkin' ménage
The truck parked out from, the Chevy get Ta-hoes
Haters all in my face, can't see, blindfold
? on my feet, blew right by folks
Stuntin' on sucker n***as is what I was designed for
Dead fresh, fresh to death, I should have designed clothes
But I'm blessing these tracks, sick flow, swine flu
Y'all ain't fucking with Nast, I been nice, y'all knew
Haha, n***a that shit times two
I'm who your bitches wanna kick it with, kung-fu
But what, dog? What is you saying?
Nast in this bitch, ho, why is you playing?
Like I won't slay this stage on some gang shit?
Turn into a mayhem, beat hard, flow hurtin
Cali swag bitch, snapback, no jerkin'
Fuck work, fuck money in hands, hoes know this
Fast forward, past focus, I'm that on it
One of the best to do, I think not, you bet on it
Giant ass you be lumberjack Paul Bunyon
Hoes love it, lover never put none above it
Wanna hug me tighter than jeans ass sportin'
Carry corpses to cemeteries, that's very often
Sport fortune, Matchboxes, that awesome
[Verse 2: SpaceGhostPurrp]
So what I say, motherfucker
Already know I never been a sucker
See I lust ya, I want ya
Baby come home, babygirl, what's your name, Wanda?
Do you wanna get up on me?
Do you wanna bend over?
Do you feel horny?
Do you wanna feel the stroke?
It's kind of like Facebook when you feel a poke
ASAP, no joke
Raider Klan, all back and we aiming at your throat

[Verse 3: ASAP Rocky]
I wanna rock but the bitches want me, though
D&G briefs fit a n***a like a Speedo
Skinny nudie jeans, though
Boots be 40 below
He flow, 100 degrees, the jewels zero
Rockstar rap, he reps Guitar Hero
Leopard Louboutins like Speedo on Steve-O
Charge me on the game, couldn't pause me on Tivo
Beyonce, the Kanye, I got a big ego
On to that next shit, you looking at the bestest
Married to the game, treat you n***as like my stepkids
Pull up in a Porsche, n***as get nausea
Didn't write the rules but my status like the author
Just crashed the range, so I pulled the Bent out
Probably getting brains, chilling in the penthouse
Swagging on you maggot and I'm about to lay my pimp down
Christian Louboutin red bottoms come in mens now
On to the next ones, skinny jeans fit in
Pull up to the shows and these hoes know to get in
Said they like my fitted clothes down to my split ends
Little do she know, I got a big ego
Automatic weapon need an order of protection
Killin Feelin all these records so my charges is molesting
An assault with deadly weapons, got these rappers feeling threatened
A hip-hop veteran, I'm a hip-hop felon
[Verse 4: ASAP Twelvy]
It's a war going on outside and we started it
Believe that or die, n***a, on some martyr shit
All my n***as on the scene like some Sparta shit
And we came to double up on that Harlem shit
We all eating, this is how it's supposed to go
Stop speaking, this is how you supposed to flow
The ins and out, never a winner's route
I never lose again, it's like every day I lose a friend
To some dumb shit, whore and dumb bitch
So a hating n***a, whore cuff wrists
I know a lot of n***as sitting in a cell now
For the shit I've done, I'm probably even hell-bound
But it's cool with me, jacking n***as' jewelry
I don't give a fuck about your foolery
N***a keep a tool with me just to blast at you bitches
Marvelous at the top and our rags to the riches
ASAP, n***a

[Verse 5: ASAP Ferg]
On my Pokemon shit, you already know...
I said, I said, I said
I swear to God I want it all
He gon' give it to me back
And get on top above it all
Purple label sweats, I swear to god I'm rich
And once I get these many bitches, swear to God I'm in
I be on my fucking shit, toast to the Gods, tell me what God sipping now
Henny, and I'm out here and my dad was in bed
So I down a whole bottle on that bitch with the mink
I go haaaaaaaard
I'm sorry, Mama Ferg, for all of these curse words
But I'm so fucking serious
Shit I'm street, like a curb
And I'm tweaked, like a nerve
And I'm smart, like a nerd
Guess that's why my last name Ferg
Okay I'm glidin' like a fucking bird
Yeah my name is Ferg but I'm a fucking turd, ya heard?
Now I'm on some rider shit
You done got yourself in beef
Now you on some Gaga shit
Red line on some Prada shit
Now you want to know the deadline on some Project shit
Black bitch an actor, put em in some Tyler shit
Pu-ray you buried then hair dyed like that Robyn bitch
This ain't no bullshit, I ain't letting no fools in
See my bitch ride that big thing, you on that little shit
Trying to make noise, you squeaking like a little pig
Put her into that dog, my attitude's a little Vick
[Verse 6: ASAP Rocky]
Next time my n***as fall back
ASAP Raider Klan and we all blacked out
Tell that bitch get it mapped out
And I fucked a bitch, now she flat out
Chest out, on the fucking floor, never hit it raw
Got a condom and I got a towel by the door
Just in case the smoke go into the hallways
Cause I be smoking weed and fucking all day
This is off the top of the dome, let me introduce my n***as before a n***a go home
We got Ty Beats, the illest producer in the streets
You know he come through with that motherfucking heat
Got Twelvy, motherfucking Twelvy, got a bad bitch, Jewish named Shelby
Got my n***a Nast in the back
Got a snapback to the back, he don't even know how to act
Got my n***a named Purrp, Spaceghostpurrp, do your bitch real dirt
That's dirty, little flirty, fucked a bitch named Purdy, did her dirty
Got my n***a named Ferg, what's the word
And you know he fucking know these verbs, give them to the curb
Got nerve in the bitch, got served, better get mine n***a, bitches got nerve
Wait your turn
Peace out, and kiss my ass!

[ASAP Ferg]
Yeah, kiss my ass too!

[ASAP Nast]
Suck a n***a dick or somethin'!