Cigarette... Daydream lyrics

Deep October

Whole new confession
She knows I'm obsessed
Hold in aggression
She won't give me sex
Won't get invested
The hole in the head..
Whole new perception
O's and the X's
With no imperfections
If I
Show you affection
I know you'll Neglect it
And I'm
Holding my head
Just to slow the progression

Her pictures of Jesus
Seep into the deepest
Depths; think I'm absorbed in mine
Why should I believe it
You givе me no reason
At least my еndorphins try
Inner peace in pieces
Reopen my lesions
I can do this one more time

Burning holes in your shirt
Really showed me the worst
Of a love
I was tongue deep in
When you told me it hurt
When the rolls were reversed
How the f**k could I believe it?
How could I believe it...?

Burn holes in your leather seats
Internet babies
We were only 17

And we would drive all night
Going where we can't go again
Wanna find piece of mind
Under but I'm over it
And we don't got no sober friends
So I apologize
(we'll) Never be close again
Well at least not tonight...
Baby not tonight

Tried to act surprised
But my face is numb
And I still look out for the signs
But it takes too long
And I could pray for once
But would it take too much?
And you could change your ways
Oh yeah, I'm reminded
In a different place
Where ever my mind is
It's ok, don't mind it
I'm sure I'll be fine when
I can get behind it

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