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YNG Travs

"Who Run It Remix"

I’m tryna Sell out a show
But they just hate on my ego
I’m getting rich and they know
Bentley is white like I see snow
Stay on the road
I hang with shooters who want smoke
Burberry print for the coat
I’m getting money ain’t been broke

I’m at the top of the list
In the booth I’m getting lit
I let her finish my drink
Save me a sip
They see the fashion got drip
Lately ain’t got time to think
I’m on the road
If it get cold got a mink
Fresh like a mint
All of the windows are tint
You can never see who’s in
I’m with the team so we win

Chasing that ice
She wanna f**k for the night
But she ain’t look like my type
I want a wife
She wasn’t treating me right
Don’t want that b*t*h in my sight

I like to flex
Goyard on me looking best
I turn your boo to your ex
I kiss her neck
She started wanted the sex
She gave me top then I left

You can talk about it if you really bout it if you ain’t about it stay f**king silent
Catch a body if you run up on me got your hoe all on me and she f**king like me
She a thot turn her to a wifey
Took her first and I let her pipe me
Gucci flops watch me Millie rock and I cut her off if she ain’t exciting

Ballin hard im like a cavalier
My team this my year
Getting mad if she coming near
Ain’t nobody wanna see me here

But I move smarter
Lotta hate make me go harder
Pretty b*t*hes wanna f**k on us
Pressure tryna put a lot on us

Everbody waste my time now
Her man tryna fight now
Catch me jetted on a flight now
He be posted at the hide out

Everybody tryna make it tho
Lotta people wanna fake it tho
Getting money I ain’t never broke
You can never catch me chasing hoes

Swerve At the scene
Hop in the coup and it’s creme
Hate now I know what it mean
She off a bean
She wanna f**k the whole team
I’ll let her f**k if she reach

Chop off the top
Now I can do what I want
I started making some Guap
Suits like the mob
I just go straight to the top
I got the gang and they on

Pretty b*t*hes wanna love me now I ain’t love you why u wanna call
Everybody tried to put me down I ain’t slipping I won’t ever fall
Lately she loving how I sound wanted me I could’ve put her on
She was playing couldn’t take her out miss her ex so I cut her off

Dip in a coup
Or I could swerve in a Benz
Imma go f**k on her friends
Rented the room
My gang with me to the end
I don’t consider them friends

They be the bros
I used to mess with some hoes
Now I be watching my own
She a distraction
She hit me up for the action
She wanna know when I’m home

Don’t wanna talk
If we ain’t f**k she can walk
She started taking it off
Too young for sauce
I make my way to the top
I ain’t been used to a loss

f**k what he had
Tal took his b*t*h and he mad
Louis the bag
Gucci print all on the rag
f**ked her and won’t give her back
I might skrt off in a jag

Caught a dub
Caught a dub

I be up
I be up

Wanna f**k
Wanna f**k

Hit me up
Hit me up

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