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Ro Ransom

"Might Go"

[Hook: Ro Ransom]
I might go Genie In A Bottle, full throttle
I got What a Girl Wlants I'm a supermodel
I might just take off all my cool, act a fool
Diamonds wet im out the pool, n***a f**k the rules
I might go Nelly Furtado loose, I got the juice
I don’t call no truce
Thats what we not gon' do
My shine unstoppable
This chain might bother you
I might go E-V-E, my dogs'll ride on u

[Verse 1: Ro Ransom]
My diamonds need a glare warning, fair warning
Alarm clock, Dominican tongue, every morning
Somewhere along the line I've become very important
(I might need a time out cause she thick yeah)
The way they ran off with my swag I should get plenty endorsements
(Yeah you was my bro until you switched up)
n***as get a little dough and then they d**k suck
My OG raised me different that was never us
I'm smoking blue haze, I feel like Yusuke
They used to compare you and me now I'm like who are they
My back end check came in I just might be rude today (woo)
(Pulled up to your girlfriend house she said I’m food today)
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