Plan B
Wild Horses
[Verse 1: Plan B]
When I look at you now I just can't understand
How I ever could of looked up to you, man
Still I'm pa**ed being mad, or losing my rag
Just find it sad 'cause you're the closest thing I had to a dad
And instead of looking up, I'm looking down at you fella
Days where I believed your crap have come and gone like the weather
Still you hide beneath your rain coat and stolen umbrella
What's wrong with you bredda
Come on, f**king get it together
You're getting close to fifty now - mature age
So let go of the whiskey now and start acting your age
Can't spend the rest of your life killing your liver
Spend your last days acting like you don't give a
Sh*t about nothing, now you're old and you're bitter
'Cause your ex left you for another man she found fitter
Fitter, enough to raise two kids anyway
'Cause you ain't fit to be a f**king dad in any way
You're a degenerate alcoholic and have been for years
Your eyes are dry now but not the tracks of your tears
And I see where they lead, man I'm sorry that you're hurt
But you can only blame yourself now you're d**k's in the dirt

[Hook: The Rolling Stones]
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn't drag me away

[Verse 2: Plan B]
Down the pub each day in the Old Nag's Head, just stay
Even wild, wild horses couldn't drag you away
Yeah, that's the one ain't it didn't you say
At your funeral that's the song you want them to play?
You ain't got long now to go, bruv
Now it's clear you a slave
To the drink
You'd sooner drink yourself into your grave
It's got to the stage where you love to drink every day
I say love as if you didn't love it, you sober up but hey
What you love more the suds or your own flesh and blood?
'Cause blud it's been two years since you even gave them a hug
Let alone even let them hear your voice
There's no excuse it's not like you haven't got a choice;
What you gotta do is 'fix up, look sharp', stop drinking
Don't poison your body with anything that stops you thinking
You're too old for all that
You've had your time, man, don't act like a fool
Acting like you got a full cap of money for your youth's
You say you work just a sperm bank
Then show your ex some proof, just a piece of what you earn, man
'Cause right now she's the only one who's paying for their schooling
No matter how much of a b*t*h you say she is, that's appalling
[Hook: The Rolling Stones]
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn't drag me away

[Verse 3: Plan B]
When you gonna learn man? You f**ked up again
Went and got another bird up the f**king duff again
No doubt you won't give out for this one like the others
And you dirty f**king p*sshead c**t thank you God for mothers
'Cause dads ain't worth sh*t, It must be hereditary
You never knew yours and your kids don't know you
So set it G, a date with a surgeon, under local anaesthetic Keith
I think it's time you went and got yourself a vasectomy
For real, I ain't joking blud I've f**king had enough
You know what it was like for both of us growing up
You never had a dad well neither did I and you know it blud
'Cause you knew my dad you knew when he left I was only a pup
So I can't condone that sh*t, abandoning your kids, you're a prick
I don't care what you say man, you make me sick
There's no excuse for that sh*t, you say you don't know where they are
But there's ways of finding out, you're just not trying very hard
They can't have gone very far your ex's family's still about
You could write your ex a letter asking her "let's sort this out"
And give it to her mum, so that she can pa** it on
But I suppose that's hard to do when you're motherf**king drunk
So you know what? F**k it, or leave it alone
As long as you leave me alone 'cause you don't need to be known
Like those chiefs who private number me and breathe down the phone
Don't give a f**k about you now your true colours are shown
Next time you'll sees me at your funeral 'Wild Horses' by The Stones
So keep your f**king drink you'll need it now you're all on your own
[Hook: The Rolling Stones]
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn't drag me away