Plan B
Lucicus (Skit)
[Answerphone Message]
Operator: Voicemail received today at 11:28

Lucicus: Listen you f**king prick
"I need a [?] right now"
What the f**k, you think you're a f**king bad man?
F**king rat faced Ben Drew c**t
You really f**king think you can f**k with Lucicus you piece of sh*t?
Your f**king absolute agony is coming mate and it's gunna be for eternity you understand me?

Operator: To call the sender press the hash key

[Sample: The Flying Lizards (Phone conversation)]
Listen Bruv
I've been following you for like, 2 days
F**king voicemail
I know where you roll, I know where you eat, sleep. Just give me my f**king money
You alright? I tell you what I'll come round, yeah? I'll be round
You serious?
I'll pa** through tonight. Can you lend me some quid, yeah?
I'mma come find you
Mate, you know just a, just a couple of tonnes or something like that)

The best things in life are free
But you can give them to the birds and bees
I want money
That's what I want