Plan B
Dave From Leicester (Skit)
[Live Radio]

Host: So that was Plan B with his track Kidz and as you heard it did contain some strong language and it talked about some serious issues and on the 1Xtra website there's been a lot of reaction to the record over its lyrics about violence, teen sex, abortion and robbery amongst teens. But is this just a way of Plan B getting his track on air or a real reflection of life on the streets? We're joined on the line now by our listeners Dave from Leicester and Nero from London. Hello to both of you. can we start with Dave, what's your question for Plan B?

Dave from Leicester: Ok, Plan B, Hi

Plan B: How you doin' bro?

Dave from Leicester: Hi, yeah, it's good man, yeah

What I'm thinking is there's a lot of time in the media black people are portrayed as dangerous violent criminals and prost**utes who should be locked away and you've chosen to agree with that image and to encourage it don't you think that's quite negative and unoriginal of you?

Plan B: Alright, what colour do you think I am?

Dave from Leicester: I don't know