Plan B
James Brown Is Dead (Skit)
[Soul Singing: Plan B]
Yeah I met this girl Saturday night
I said baby you know you look so fine and that a** is tight
Ohhh, would it be okay if I bought you a little drink maybe some Alizé?
And we can buy some champagne maybe later if I like the way you talk, I've gotta know if you've got a brain inside that beautiful body
And if you have then I dunno, maybe I see if there's anymore more for me in those jeans
Ohhh you're so hot baby
Ohhh you're so fly yeah
In a room, keep on playing why you stopping baby
Ohhh I ain't finished with you yet baby, ohhh no
James Brown might be dead but I'm alive and kicking baby
Woo! Gotcha
And I'm feeling the way you look into my eyes
When you take my willy you get such a surprise
Because it's not as big as you might think it is
Oh no baby, it's not as big as my personality anyway
That's why I f**king shine, woo
That's what you're gunna say when I stick it in your a** because you said it's too small to satisfy you
Baby, I'll f**king rape you in the park
Ohhh, in the park when it's dark
And you'll be screaming until I cut your throat
And leave you there

It's a murder ballad not a f**king love song