Plan B
The Lake
[Verse: 1]
Laid my pennies by the lake
Hoping the water could buy me fate
For all of my mistakes
That I have made

Laid out memories by the lake
Hoping that they could sail away
Away from my mind
There's a piece of you left behind

I still see you there, out in the lake
Right in the middle where, it’s all faint
The less I care the more that you’ll fade
I still see you there out in the lake

[Verse: 2]
Laid a letter by the lake
With all the worlds I want to say
And I know they’ll be no reply
But I’d still want you to know why


[Middle 8]
You’re sinking down, like a pebble in the lake
Like the ghosts of my past, that's faded away
And now I’m left with nothing but a memory