Plan B
[Hook: Leonard Cohen]
Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river
You can hear the boats go by
You can spend the night beside her
And you know

[Verse 1: Plan B]
She's around here somewhere
Somewhere here she's hid
Somewhere in a ca*** by Camden Town
Underneath a bridge
That’s where he said he put her bits and bobs
Straight after what he did
Every time I pa** the Lock
I stop and wonder where she is
You see Suzanne was quite a looker
Quite tasty for a high street hooker
She had a nice shape
Nice a**, nice breasts
I guess that’s why he took her
But then again
You know what blud
This guy was kinda messed
So Suzanne’s death was probably more to do with torture
Than it was to do with sex
Nevertheless he was a sick, sick c**t
There ain't no doubt about that
His mental health was in a state
But no one really knew about that
Cause he lived alone all on his own
And never spoke to neighbors
Plus the guys next door was never home
Cause they was always out raving

Which made it pretty convenient
When he dished out pain he weren't lenient
Still no one could hear her screaming when
Her blood started squirting on the ceiling and
Dried to the wall ‘till the paint started peeling and
Shes cut real bad, n’ still breathing in
Begging him to stop but he won't cause he’s evil and
He ain't about to start reasoning

[Hook: Leonard Cohen]
Suzanne takes you down, down
Takes you down
To her place near the river, river
Near the river

[Verse 2: Plan B]
It’s 10 o’clock on a friday night
Suzanne don’t know it but soon she’ll die
She’s working the streets like she does every night
Pulling in punters left and right
She sees one guy
He’s like, “Hi, do you wanna f**k?”
“Only if the price is right.”
Suzanne says with a smile on her face
Screen goes blank
Now they're back at his place
Back at his place
Suzanne takes
Off her clothes
While he makes her a drink in the kitchen
That’s what shes thinking
When she hears metal objects clinking
“Need any help?” She says loud and clear
He don’t answer her back
He’s only in the next room
It’s not like he can’t hear
Why’s he going on like that?
Suzanne picks up a towel to cover her breasts and naan
And goes and sees wagwaan
Suzanne screams
So shocked at what she's just seen..
He’s holding a knife and his eyes look Brock
Su makes a run for the door but it’s locked
Slice, slice, slice
Chop, chop, chop
Suzanne’s screaming begging him to stop
But he won’t stop
And he don’t stop
Not ‘till she stops struggling
She’s lying on the floor in a pool of her blood
He goes in the other room to get something
[Chainsaw noises & screaming]

[Interlude: News Report]
The main suspect in the notorious Camden Lock murder investigation was convicted today
41 year old [distorted], dubbed The Camden Ripper faces life imprisonment
After a jury convicted him guilty of all charges
The body of Suzanne [distorted], his 5th victim, has still not been found
And police have given up the search
[distorted] claims he threw her in the ca*** after decapitating her head and severing her arms and legs from her torso
Other breaking news today

[Verse 3: Plan B]
So we come to the end of the story
Suzanne died, dead-fall gory
Along with a string of other girls he already killed
'Cause they offered to pleasure him orally
Now banged up not a threat now a figure
Last you’ll hear of the Camden Ripper
Unless of course he escapes
Then you better give a second thought
About walking round showing off your figure
However Suzanne
Like I said man
Her body parts still never been found
Remember next time you're walking around
Camden Lock to keep your eye out
Cause you might see a piece of her floating by
Cotch on the bridge smoking weed
Getting’ high
Cause if shes there
And need not lie
Now he’s gonna live in jail for the rest of his life
[Hook: Leonard Cohen]
Takes you, takes you down
Near the, near the river