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Floral Bugs

"Crocodile (крокодил)"

Do you feel the vibe hotline Miami music
Beat like syringe with crocodile not many would use it
First, you commit a crime then you get b*t*hes in jaccuzi
Do this Eminem styl motherf**kers just lose it

I'm Ill, sick, one of the kind
What's the deal freak bad place bad time
It's that ill sh*t only psycho junkies try
Better take those headphones off - this rap like crocodile

One at the time b*t*h you can't handle us all
Settle down pigs you can't handle that flow
I pass the lips and slide in the throat
I'm a VIP so I'll enter through the back door

When you take it there ain't coming back
It's that sick rap which b*t*h slaps
The b*t*h cats with b*t*h raps

Crocodile rap c- c-crocodile rap
Crocodile rap c- c-crocodile rap

I take horse testosterone to brake backs on my knees
Choke your wife with a pillow now she really rests in peace
You can compare me to "willow" I'm the first fantasy
In the bag about two kilos of pure dope and extasy
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