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God got me

[Verse 1]
This sh*t gettin' spiritual
I had some miracles
I had to pray to get right where I'm at
I know this business don't never do friendships 'cause I end up losing' when feelin's attatched
Out in the open, I'm lit and I'm focused
I knew I was chosen since I was legit
Toughened up mentally makin' new history
Cut off the label and started from scratch
I'm on that infinite, search for serenity positive energy what I attract
[?] capabilities your versatility when my ability's put to the test
I'm in the industry with some new enemies and I got entities I must protect
Feel like I'm floatin' and move in slow motion
I gotta stay focused 'cause they settin' traps
I sent a text is he comin' right over like come sit that donkey right here on my lap
Look at my agents I'm with the promoters 'cause doin' the shows is like settin' my trap
Sawed off my publishin' when I was younger and I'm in the project buyin' a bag
I do not worry about none of these n*ggas 'cause I know I got it it's pointless to stress
Woke up in London and keep in a hunnid I never would think I had women in France
I'm thankin' God 'cause he gave me a chance
I'm thankin' God I got all of these fans
I did some searchin' discovered my purpose and got reinspired with music again
Whole generation I change up my music but I ain't concerned about sh*t from the past
sh*t gettin' spiritual I'm seein' miracles
I had to pray to get right where I'm at
Tell me she love me but I think she lyin' so I will not tell her that I love her back
I had to stare in the face of the devil but I know I'm chosen so I'm never scared
I wanna cry when I talk to my brother 'cause now the relationship gettin' too weird

[Verse 2]
This sh*t gettin' spiritual I'm seein' miracles
Hop out the Porsche had to lace up my tennis shoes
I'm over sees on a pier eatin' pinnacles
I feel invincible now that I'm pinnacle
That ain't yo' homie if he try to limit you
He gon' backstab you and then try to finish you
Say you my brother I'm takin' it literal
You show me otherwise I won't consider you
Feel like your father the way I delivered you
80 inch for the flatscreen in my living room
I'm makin' business moves
Had to come up with some clothes in the [?]
I ain't relinquishing no more percentages
I ain't gon' give them no info in interviews
I'm at a point in my life and it's pivotal
Everything I got to give I'ma give to you
She gettin' spiritual I'm gettin' lyrical
I had to pray to the lord for some miracles
I double dipped in some fits had to wear it two times
Ant it's unfair the way I'm gettin' portrayed to be honest
They sendin' subliminals I ain't replyin'
I'm a giant, I am inspired
This day and time if I like I buy it
Live in the jungle and fight with the lions
I sell my sh*t for the hot like a sideman
I do work in the field like assignments
Dibbled and dabbled in dirt for the profit
My city raise me with purpose and honor

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