DJ Fresh

"Throw It Down (Vato Gonzalez Remix)"

There go my boy Fresh
Aye Benga what they do baby

[Verse 1]
Like the way I work it
Then I bend it over show em' shots
All these hoes around here sitting on they ass shots
Then I pop it then I shake it like an assquake
More then all these fakes I bet these b*t*hes know me
I’m the baddest in the building
Now these b*t*hes want to be me
Then I take it to another level
b*t*h I been done did it
Now he think he finna hit
Like the way he rocks his fitted when he’s round

Don’t make me throw it down
Don’t make me throw it down

[Verse 2]
f**k me on this song
Now you give me da da business
Now these b*t*hes asking who I is tell none of there business
Then I bend it over then I let them kiss the assquake
I'ma playboy bunny, yeah I took the front cover
Then I get it all in, I'ma freak little b*t*h
Let me drive the stick got it in control zoom
I don’t play no games these b*t*hes talking lame
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