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DJ Fresh

"Strangeulation I"

Strangeulation I

Hmm... Tech N9ne!
Smashes the masses, but the industry's hatin' asses

[Verse 1]
Strange days, when your favorite rapper's poppin'
But "Is he on top?" Is something you can't gauge
Especially when he's toppin' the charts
And you see me, K. Lamar, and Macklemore sharing the same stage
I'm the n*gga all these artists look up to
Yet for Tech, it's been the hardest to bust through
But I keep my fans fiendin' like clucks do
You don't like how we living, well... ("f*ck you")
I dominate your conglomerate, want a beating? I can accommodate
It'll be a non-debate, coming up against Aaron the Great
So many got arms, legs and necks tatted, Strange
'Cause music, show, conceptually, I'm the best at it
Let's have it for all of these Tech addicts
Any disrespect to family will get your chest gatted
Aimin' at 'em and it's agony
Burner blew his brain in back and these
Cannons came and caved in cavity, caliber connect, cap it
Yo, there it go, red is in my head, it grow
Headed fo', lead and deaded, yeah, the medic said it so
Let it grow, shred it and get no credits, so pathetic though
Dread embedded steppin' in heaven's crevice, wet and edible
Give her the shivers when I deliver this
Hit her then quit her 'cause she's on Twitter sh*t
And when she compared me to Eminem, I said "I'm different"
She said "How?", I said "I'm black and I can say 'nigger', b*tch!"
To him, I may be just another bro with a flow
Who'll probably never tour 'cause it'll be thousands of Juggalos at a show
And I heard fatalities happen on each side, so that's never no let it go
So I get it, I keep what I'm makin' incredible, all of them scared of a negro
Strangeulation, this occupation so scandalous
We stop the hatin', no chances
When I rock the nation, so Danzig
I'm killing all these n*ggas, Operation Code Kansas
Strange gang plain triggered assassins
Got a bunch of untamed aimed trained spitters a' blastin'
My insane brain sayin' "Give up the rappin'
And go back to the gang bang thang", n*gga, what's happenin'? Soo-woo

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