"In My Own World"

I got a cup full of hemlock, a mouth full of lies
A penthouse suite where I hang my disguise
Oww yeah, I'm in my own world
I'm in my own world
I got a sleeve full of tricks and a bullet in the chamber
Couch full of women in a room full of strangers
I'm in my own world, b*t*h I'm in my own world
While you standin' on the line outside

[Yung Joey]:
I got a cup full of do it, a mind full of don'ts
These True Religion denims got a pocket full of hope
This new girl that I'm diggin' we been hangin' like a rope
She want me to play her hubby but I'm thinkin' that I won't
I wish I had a camera that could capture how I'm livin'
This penthouse where we chillin' got a panoramic ceiling
If you came from where I come from you would know just how I'm feelin'
I got girls from Honolulu yellin' Queens is in the building
I'm on my Beamer 7 Series albino sh*t
Dear hater, you can suck an albino d**k
Last year I couldn't even spell designer sh*t
Look at my closet, now you'll see all kinda sh*t
I swear to God I feel like Eddie Murphy tradin' places
Traded all my G Shocks for Rolleys with the gold faces
White diamonds on my black ass
New whips, new chains, amen I'm free at last


48th floor, open flask
Disfigured reflection starin' from a broken glass
I drink away my insecurities when life is hard
I'm takin' glasses to my face like I'm Ray Charles
Cause I'm blind to you, haters
Make All Rappers Surrender...those are letters from M.A.R.S
Your girlfriend's been sendin' me texts all week
So tonight her bed is occupied, b*t*h, Wall Street
Don't be offended, I'm just twisted off lots of that purple
The topic is verbal then I probably got controversial
I'll body anyone that hops in my circle
Now I got ya dogs cryin' like that Sarah McLachlan commercial
Damn right I got enemies f**kin' up my plans
On the other hand, I'm doin' shows for a couple grand
So until you see these fans throwin' up they hands
I'mma sit you beneath the bleachers to help you understand


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