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Kristoff Krane


Spider bite

Lightening strikes a random chord

7 babies being born

Purges / old man warns me of a storm from the north

I whistle/ flag it down

She pulls up and says ‘get in’

Asks me for the code / I pass it to her calm and cast a grin

Her pearly gaze is cunning

Deep growling in my belly

She opens the backdoor / ruby jewels in the eyes of a mummy

Pocket watch fluctuates / hands beating skin drum

Hear crows squeal / barbed wire with collapsed lung

Karmic map / flickers in the carnage

Worldly maze / crystal ball falls without a trace

Ricochets like a comet / I vomit and slowly sit up straight

The minutes fades into an eight and time becomes a different space

Thousands of cultures, over million of years

This place is older than dirt, I seek the cleanest of mirrors

To eat the mess with the vultures / to be a feast of our fears

Sensing my deepest desires / spinning a web as she steers

All you need is a bowl and a blanket this land you stand on is stolen / sacred

Pray for the souls tortured and warped by the war of hatred

Whispers ofall descendants bend echos throughout theses canyons

Just manage to sift through phantoms and listen tohear ‘em clear

Slick hypnotist dangles symbols inches over my chest

Stitching grids of inner star systems with every breathe

Left headless in the backseat guided to death

Approach the cliffs edge / blink once quiet and guess

How in the world did it come to this? [4x]

Reawaken the present the future becomes the past

Resources taken by hoarders

I’m gasping, grasping for answers

The primal need in my heart to disintegrate superstition

Taking shots in the dark where the octopus meets the panther

That stalks in the psychic scape of all human beings under pressure


We’ve been tested for imperfection

They stick us with dirty needles to see if we’ve been infected

I’m feeling young and I’m restless

Leap in a pool of death

Pulled from the wreckage left with a sense of abandonment

With the urge to skip a stone across a sparkling sheet of glass

Ripples intersect / nerves / thicker than a rulers flesh / stretch

Silver snake shedding skin / dripping beads of sweat

Middle of dead winter, the shivers in full effect

That gem was meant to be stolen

That door was meant to be opened

That code was meant to be cracked

In fact I'm drunk off that potion

That kind that never could end, unless the crystal glass that I'm holding

Is a reflection of hope I have for this cities collapse

And in fact, I’m confident and never felt I was wrong

Until society showed me what was right / we waste our youth on the young

There’s a thin line between the lies that they told

And remembrance that I hold fully responsible for the kingdom I inherited

Heritage / carry grandparents torches

Ancestors influence passed on through variation experience

Cherish buried awareness / to even have the opportunity to bear witness and participate in this web of existence

Invigorating as it is sickening / for me to live something must die

Check in inside / there’s no cure for it

Anything, anyone, everything / pathways myriad

In all directions in front of our eyes

Awake in the back / hunger pains rise

Pull off on the side / visionless

Stepped out slow / solid ground / looked up at that sky

Same light from the stars up above

Same light that flows from the depths of our eyes

Hold tight

Soaked in the warmth that we supplied

As we orbit around that truth that we found like

When we were young we both could've of died, but didn't

Galaxies in distance

Brought us closer in ways

It’s hard to explain

Through love we exchanged

It’s coming alive

Trusted the pain enough to remain

And mustered the strength to

Cut through those chains

A million more times

Dream worlds collide

We’ve been here before

We know what this is

How in the world did it come to this? [4x]

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