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Kristoff Krane

"Touch the Flame"

Touch the flame / touch the flame [2x]

Who holds the higher ground?

Who has upper hand?

I flip it on its head / there is no good no bad

It takes another trick / it gives another chance

See through another's eyes

Face to face, no looking back

Reach your hand down

Pull me up to show me

Show me where you stand

Lips are sealed / my tongue is tied in knots

Untangle lies we spin

Why Not?

Climb to the highest peak in my blind-spot see a cyclops

Third eye blinks / sky god

Tight squeeze and release / python

Blind faith / move mountains

I can see now, what I've amounted to

Something I look up to say I'm proud of you

Take a walk in my shoes

There's nothing more true

Than you are what you do

The heart feels one pulse

The mind breaks in two

You are what you eat, until something eats you

To keep it all straight, I'd have to bend god's rules

See through the voodoo and déjà vu

Who knew with a couple of screws loose

It would ooze through the future

Blooms / hula-hoop / the holy ghost / crucified

Loose my mind / I'm lucid

Hallucinogenic's induce a movement

New clues are presented when the

Student is ready, the master appears

Learn to swing steady and shatter that mirror

Time to lace boots up

Move like snakes on head of medusa

Chuck the deuce up / new favorite mudra

A fools construct can't phase a sutra

Awestruck / in the main frame parusha

Maintain aim / bang bang illusion

Main vein / full of that old pollution

Truly insane and without a solution

To believe in cause and effect, is to breathe with claws on my neck

Walking dead / rather sway in the breeze with a song in my head

Hunt for rocks / then be caught thinking I am my thoughts

I'm not my thoughts

I'm not my thoughts

I'm not my thoughts

I'm not my thoughts

Must be that……

Poison, poison, in my veins

Poison poison it's in vain

I got

Who then believes in doubt

Open / I eat my mouth

Gold light, comes leaking out

Content / I'm sleeping now

Moral code in order

Resources taken by hoarders

Who war in the name of normal

Just give us more of that sorta

Peace / that sobers a frantic mind

Thinking that there was something I had to find

Calcination of a calcified

Define distillation to a stripped down filterless

The instant a hundred percent of intention is in-sync

The image will instantly shrink into expansive states

All belief systems amputated / full tilt

Instincts, aesthetics / mystics

More than a 6th sense / intuition

Pouring from our forehead

Knocked off orbit / horses corpse pose

In the o-zone / on a crash course race that has no end

What end ?

Who said ?

Say a prayer

Jump in / feet first

Hands in the air

Tremble in the presence of her majesty

Hissing and recoiling itself / a misty memory

Deep space / plane that we navigate

We haven't always been tamed like

Cattle in a cage with a rattlesnakebite

Activate half awake, at the break of daylight

Clean slate/ dream state

Two worlds meet

Can't help myself/ I see I see

Can't help myself / I see I see

Can't help myself / I see I see

A garden guarded by giants

Aligned with the star highest

Lightning shining from diamonds

In all directions in silence

Where no division is made

The harmony here is endless

Stacked to the end'th degree

Dimension is well protected


Everybody is free [7x]

Touch the flame / touch the flame [2x]

Poison, poison, in my veins

Poison poison it's in vein

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