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Kristoff Krane

"Useless Bruises"

Let me take from you what was never meant to be given. How many innocent victims will it take until you listen. (x4)

[Mike Schank/Impulse/Sector 7-G]
It’s like a twisted Christmas anticipation when consideration faces obliteration's stages
Which will be deliciously displayed on today’s pages
Viciously and vividly it’s giving me I’m taken
Walk away from me don't hesitate or look back
It’s better that way because that way the lack of effort is justified as pride and standing your ground
Fed up with the run around and when I come down from the cloud where my head sits it’s going to be a day of discovery you’ll be loving it when my head’s fixed
I dread this pretend friendship it’s endless
I’m trying to bend it back to its original format and in order for that to take effect you must maintain a type of respect to write in the threat of what could have been
So, tell me that I can’t win
Tell me that it’s not my time, and before you know it the war will be over and I will be at the finish line

Sitting staring out the window in thought of wondering what brings you to plot the hurting of another human being crossed inside the tangled web you weave so stop the aggression
Stop the hurting of another to make you feel better
You hurt others and make them suffer and suffocate and self-pity in the body you hate
Face facts
Be a man and learn to love and take a stand, and I hope you can find help before more skin’s torn and maybe you were just born scorned with no family support
Sad inside from before you grew older and started to hurt others
Is a question I must ask
I find it hard to understand you take laughter in shatter it like glass and add fuel to the fire with a closed fist hand slap
Man, that is bad damage
And forever broken the home, cracked ribs and beauty deformed
Ice frozen 20 below zero tolerance for those who abuse the soul of a friend they call their own, but I really don’t care anymore when the terrible storm get cold but I want to keep you warm

[Kristoff Krane]
Something to look forward to.(x4)
I mean that’s all we’re trying to do is anticipate a moment of an experience that is attached to an emotion but get the cold sting of a stuck and the right blades have been cut for the little mermaid who cannot swim in the bottle of thiolin[?] blood
And I am piling smiles up to the sky for you to climb and find a tiny piece of heaven and shove it directly in your eye
And sometimes she wishes she never met the world where survival of the fittest means you curl up in a ball
And I find it quite hard to fall asleep without a worry anymore without wondering why this must go on
‘Cause after innocence was raped of course she felt forced to sell herself, and the profit that was made was spent on how to harm herself
And so Bliss gave birth to perversion but made sure the child never questioned whether or not she could live without his hurt so I stand here with an ever present ear and a shoulder meant to soak you head drenched in human tears
‘Cause I feel that it’s my duty to conceal and lick your wounds clean
So if you believe in miracles then please use me

I’m begging you I’m begging you please use me [repeated]
In most cases most of us are ninety present preservatives and ten percent self-absorbed consumer scar tissue
Ninety-two percent of you is the same as the rest of us it’s just that other eight percent that none of us can trust
‘Cause something poison that voice inside your headpiece led you to believe you’d bleed just as good as dead and beast is in that place you go when the needle says hello
It’s that place you place inside the final wave goodbye hope
I guess they don’t abort them like they used to and I gotta say it seems like you got used to getting used over and over ‘til you became this malnourished of whoever the hell you thought you were before whatever the hell happened to you just happened to happen. Are you some kind of fashion?
Am[?] I one of your biggest fans idolizing every action
‘Cause for some reason here in the land of the damn you’re free fast food menus we put [piece of sh*t?] people like you on pedestals instead of cooking you and your ego driven flesh until it’s completely edible

Let me take from you what was never meant to be given. How many innocent victims will it take until you listen.(x4)

*Note* Sorry, but Ecid's voice is the only one I can identify. If you can identify the others that would be awesome!

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