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Kristoff Krane

"No Where Found"

The angels appeared right in front of him right before he shut his eyes
When you wake up in the morning get on your horse, click your heels and say goodbye
Now all day long he was dealing with a feeling that he tried to work around But every which way he looked there it was nowhere to hide, nothing was found

Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Found. Nowhere found
Nowhere found

Mr Anderson don't like no strangers comin around this neck of the woods
This part of town. Oh my

A part of me knows that I should go back
But a part of me knows that if I try that I would never find what it is I need to find

Why? Cause I'm bound
Nowhere bound
Nowhere bound

Now on my way I seen families working just to maintain a peace of mind (peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind.)

On my way I see thieves trying to take what the family had like "Now this piece is mine!"

This piece is mine
This piece is mine

Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Nowhere found

I met a middle aged man in an apple orchard and he showed me the key to life
He said 'Everything happening outside of me is a reflection of what's inside.'
So I asked this man who turned into a ghost, 'So this is all on me?'
He said 'No, silly duck, its on all of us to turn the rock back into the seed
He Said 'A couple of years back there came a time where our kind was faced with a choice:
One option was we could gain the awareness of how to experience joy
But with that joy there comes a catch and one you can't catch with a net'
He said 'if you get that joy it we'll be destroyed.'

Look What we found

Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Nowhere found

Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Nowhere found
Nowhere found

Before the deal was said and done, sealed and locked away
We were living life at an even keel, and we never got angry
But once we learned our right and wrongs our impulse was to revolt and judge
And then, then came the disease

Now believe me or not there was a time where everyone was more divine, and the connection, as apparent as the stars
But with the selfish defense mechanism, due to the fear of death
It seems as somehow we forgot who we are

Look what we've found...
Nowhere bound (2x)
Now I've found
Nowhere bound (2x)

Now next on the path she was wearing a shawl
Couldn't see her eyes, barely nothing at all, I said 'Excuse me ma'am, how can I help?'
She said 'Have a seat. Glad to meet you, seems to me like you're having issues with being happy son, but it's not your fault.'

The instant that she touched my hands, her vein like a train ran up my chest and in my heart a choir sang in tune
It was the first time for a very long time that I felt alright, I felt alive and I knew that something had just grew
She said 'You knew" I said 'Im new?'
I always knew

Now I'm found (3x)
Nowhere bound (4x)

So I walked my horse to a stream that reminded me that everything winds up in the same spot
In the exact same spot that everything was before
And with every spin that the earth goes round depending on its distance from the source
That puddle at the bottom rises above the ocean floor
All these creatures all around me breathing one another's air, some creatures think before they breathe
Some creatures clearly do not care, and I cried when I seen that lion tear that baby deer into shreds and stubs
'Til I watched it bring back to the dead and share it with the little cubs

Now I'm found
Nowhere bound. (5x)

Last interaction that I had before I made it to my destination
Was with some tree that somehow learned to talk
(Imagine that)
It said 'life goes on to the same degree that your roots reach deep to the seasons need
With the freedom's breeze, your leaves will all fall off.'

(Yeah it said)

It said life goes on 'til it can't no more in a pattern made in a spiral form
And everything is bound to meet again
And when we listen to the voice we know from an angel's lips through a stranger's skull
We'll find out how that old beginning ends

And we'll be found
Nowhere found, nowhere bound
We'll be found, nowhere bound, nowhere bound
Yeah, we'll be found, nowhere bound
Nowhere bound, ooh
Yeah, we'll be found, nowhere bound
Nowhere bound

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