Kristoff Krane


In the beginning I could have been loved
But instead I was judged

In the beginning I could have been loved, but instead I was judged
For the man Iv'e become
Ran and I run. Laugh and I hug
Live under pressure and never give up
Huff and I puff but never enough to enter the center of that what I know is holding me down so open me now
Dig me a hole and follow me down
One for the angle, one for the slide
Two for the window, one for the lie
Three for the overwhelming and deforming as morning awakes and I open my eyes
I hope I survive and I know that I will
Cause I grow every time that I focus on dying
As long as I make it right over this hill
There'll be more time for me to start climbing
Playin' it flat, live on the edge
I guess it's not the end of the world, but I dig that hole
Like a miserable criminal stuck in a prison cell
It will be difficult finding a window if I can believe in it I am so little, special, full of potential
Every petal I pluck, she loves me not

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