Kristoff Krane

"Got High"

[Hook] up dud................
I coulda got down but instead I got high
Chasin’ the dragonflies
My angel cries out loud
Falling forward face first in a mud puddle

Reflecting what’s inside
Sun above me the the whole time
Life’s a puzzle-
That’s a lie
It’s a test
I hope you don't pass out

[Verse 1]
It started with a little line and grew into a mound
He crushed a couple pills
And reassured me with a big smile
Handin’ me the straw
Promised me I’d climb over the hill
But never mentioned nothin’ bout the hole
You drown in underground
I found myself minutes later at the kitchen sink
On an elevator sick
Praying for the missing link
But before I had the time to stop and think
The pills already hit my brain and
Damn, I was feelin’ great
Better than I ever felt
Pleasure is a leather belt
Never mind the path to heaven winds
Directly through Hell
I finally feel like I no longer need the help
Stronger than I ever felt
(Stronger than I ever felt)

Stomach tied in knots
I started nodding off
All my close friends gathered round and tried to pry and prod
I wondered if I’m wrong
Feeling like I lied to God
Now their tryin’ to call my mom
Maybe it’s time to stop


[Verse 2]
Life is too short for
Long nights and sleepy afternoons
Plus I gotta little one at home
Who wants his Daddy back
He’s learnin’ how to walk
But hopefully not
In his Daddy’s shoes
In his Daddy’s tracks
They never told me about the power
Of the drug
Just how to do it, circle of influence was corrupt
They showed me how to f**k
Because nobody ever showed them how to make love
(make love)
Now that I’m done there’s a hole
I feel I can’t fill
It’s as if my whole life’s story
Was crushed up in that pill
The first one probably should have been the last
Or never been the first
That lead to smoking Fentanyl patches
It didn’t sink in
Until I had to bury him
Walkin’ home from his grave with both eyes starin’ in
(staring in)

He was gonna marry her
(marry her)

And now she’s doing it again. (7x)


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